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Only the courage to explore the new and unproven progresses design. I am sure that every design should develop out of the essence of the problem, and this in itself be expressed in the smallest detail. That is my mindset. I was seeking to develop a bridge whose form and function would be really inspirational through conceptual quality rather than novelty of form. Such a design would have the stamp of technology and be expressive of its time. Structure and design legible, not hidden. Simple, clear form. Simple clear language. The protagonists of new technics had the same objective, to engage the possibilities and means of industry. The actual tasks were solved with the technical means of the time. The decisive quality of this bridge bears a direct relationship to the quality of cooperation of all who were involved in the design. For that, I am especially grateful to Jörg Schlaich and his team, Andreas Keil und Knut Stockhusen, at Schlaich Bergermann und Partner in Stuttgart.

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